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The unfortunate truth is that many Canadians do not have a Last Will and Testament, or have an outdated Will that no longer reflects their current intentions.  When a person dies without a Will, his or her estate passes through 'intestacy' in accordance with a prescribed set of rules that often do not mirror a deceased's personal and unique wishes.  

Gillard Law would be pleased to meet with you to attend to the preparation and signing of your Will, or to review your current Will and provide advice to update your succession plan as required.​

​It is also important to ensure that you have Powers of Attorney for Property and Personal Care to appoint the person(s) you wish to act on your behalf in regard to you property and finances, as well as your personal care needs, in the event that you should lose mental capacity.

$350*+HST plus disbursements per person / $600+HST plus disbursements per couple 
(Includes 1 standard Will, 1 Power of Attorney for Property, and 1 Power of Attorney for Personal Care)
​*Rates vary on a case-by-case basis for International Wills, Dual Wills, and the inclusion of complex trusts.